Is the realization of a dream to build a product for traders which provides high liquidity, high volatility, tight spreads and low transaction costs. We are focused on partnering with technology providers and liquidity providers to build the ultimate traders playground. 

Building an infrastructure that allows farmers and holders of PipsCoin to benefit by providing liquidity to the marketplace (similar to staking) will enable the community to be the market maker and will help provide the perfect market for traders.  


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Peter. T

With a keen interest in Crypto, Finance and Trading markets - Peter is experienced in running technology companies and developing products for the trading community. 

The Team

Cam. H

Cam has been deeply involved in the trading and investing community - running a podcast, YouTube channel and training company regarding quantitative finance techniques. 

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PipsCoin is based on the technology developed by the Chia Network Team, which set out to build a new crypto-currency infrastructure with a focus on reducing the energy consumption generated by graphics card mining. 

With conventional crypto mining (proof of work) - graphics cards are used to confirm proof of work, or the consensus that transactions are valid. This process is energy intensive and leads to todays issues with energy consumption caused by the cryptocurrency mining process. 

With the Chia Networks "proof of time and space" - the cryptocurrency is utilizing hard drive space to validate the transactions. What this means to the network is the energy requirements of this style of crypography is significantly lower than the proof of work model. 

The university of Cambridge released a tool which looks at the energy consumption of Bitcoin (Link). At August 2021 it shows that the Bitcoin network (est. 94.5 Terawatt Hour) is 50% more consumption than the combined consumption of all electrical lighting of USA (est. 60 Terawatt). To compare with the compare Chia Network, reports a current energy consumption as of August 2021 at 0.303 Terawatt Hour.


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Frequently asked questions

What are the coin details (pre-mine , block reward size, blocks per day)?

Launched: Sept 2021 Pre-Mine: 5,000,000 Block Rewards (PIPS): 5 PipsCoin Per Day: 46,080, halved every 3 years. GUI: Yes (windows installer!)

How do I farm PipsCoin?

To Farm PipsCoin you will need to generate plots to be farmed on your spare harddrive space. This can be done within the software downloaded from GitHub. If you are already Farming Chia - your existing Chia plots are able to be farmed on the PipsCoin netowrk. We are able to utilize both OG and NFT plots with both having the full reward going to the farmer.

What is the Premine for?

The goal of PipsCoin is to be build into a trading product. Along the way we will need developers, infrastructure and potenitally need to provide supply to a new market for trading.

Is PipsCoin Live or Still in testing?

PipsCoin Network is live as of September 2021. Both Transactions and Farming of coins is stable and available.

What is the Goal of PipsCoin

As the Team behind PipsCoin is heavily involved in the Trading Industry - PipsCoin is a project to build the perfect trading vehicle. We have goals to build a low cost, low spread, high liquidity and high volatility product - which is attractive to traders but also rewards farmers who wish to provide liquidity to the market.

What if I would like to develop for PipsCoin and help the project?

We welcome contribution and reward development from part of the allocation in the premine. We would love to have you involved and you can drop us a quick message on the form below.

When do you plan to get on exchanges?

We are looking to go a different route than the standard "get your crypto on the major exchanges". While we will aim to be on the most popular exchanges that can support our coin - Our primary goal is to provide a trading environment (potentially Metatrader or C-Trader) that enables trader to engage with PipsCoin as a trading vehicle.

You mention about staking or providing liquidity to the PipsCoin markets?

We wish to develop the ability for farmers and holders of the coin to be able to provide liquidity to the market place as a market maker. In term we will design a system which rewards the suppliers of this liquidity with interest over time.

Do you have a discord channel for support or so I can get involved?

Sure - come join us and have a chat here:

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